It was transformational! I think the best thing about the course and about the way Ashlie taught Meisner was the simplicity and effectiveness of focusing on one another’s feelings. While I’ve always had a part of me thinking whether I should provoke or not, act or not, do or not, be one way or another, or otherwise analyzing the right way of doing the repetition, with Ashlie I was able to settle down into my acting partner’s feelings as well as my own. It was powerful to just see the other person and let them affect me, to see how they affect me. In the end it all made me learn heaps about not only acting but myself as well. It’s come up in most acting related situations that “why go to therapy when you can go to acting class”, but Ashlie’s course took it to a new level. Hands down, I would give the workshop a 10/10.

- Timo Utterström, actor & writer

The Meisner experience with Ashlie was eye-opening for me not only from an actor's point of view but also from a human being’s point of view. I learned a lot about listening to your intuition, being "alive" and not thinking too much, and especially Ashlie's brilliant way to teach and how she guides away from controlling the scene is something to experience. It was a massive experience for me and for all the good reasons! 
- Jani Airiainen, actor

Ashlie is a skilled professional. She gave individual attention, presence. The environment was safe. I learned a lot through practice how humans can connect to another human and what it does to one's feelings. Repetition exercise was excellent for that to happen. Cutting off thinking and connecting to feeling through another person in front. The course gave me a strong and different understanding of acting and definitely a more appealing way of acting. I grew as a personality and as an actor. Ashlie was skilled in creating the space for this to happen.
- Slava Dugin, actor

The workshop woke me up and got me into creative flow. I was pushed out of my comfort zone. I would give it 9/10. My only complaint is that I wish it went on longer!
- Daniel Imbert, actor & musician

So many great things - hard to put into words.

I am marveled by this practice of learning how to really listen and see a fellow human being. This has also made me much more aware of my own insecurities, defenses, longing to connect, to be seen and heard and also my ability to really connect as I SEE THE SAME IN THE OTHER! I gained a more refined sensitivity of my emotions and of those I interact with. Ashlie as a teacher is just in another league! Nothing gets past her, which is a genius skill. I especially enjoyed her firm yet sensitive teaching manner. The workshop was 10+ out of 10.

- Jenine Edward

It was safe, even therapeutic to work with Ashlie, and I feel that I was able to extend both my emotional scale as well as let go of learned patterns limiting it.
- Iris Olsson, actor & director

I can warmly recommend this workshop! I got better in touch with my impulses and became more aware of the manners that I had unconsciously built. It is really difficult to let go of all expectations and just let the authentic feelings
become visible. Ashlie and the whole group created a safe atmosphere to let go and jump into this great journey. I’ve never acted before so for me, this was not only an acting class but also a deeper journey into myself. The reflection of your partner together with Ashlie’s help is very powerful and eye-opening. Everyone should try this workshop and you will understand what I mean.
- Janna Salokangas

I've never felt this confident in my life. Ashlie's workshop just induces those kinds of feelings that you start to believe you can accomplish anything you desire. Which, I gotta admit, is not easy for a person like me with a fair share of self-esteem issues in the past. But indeed, because Ashlie's workshops are so awesome, little by little those mental hindrances get discarded into the ever-burning inner fire of my true, unmasked soul. The progress is slow, but the amount of freedom I've gained from doing just a few Meisner training workshops is priceless. And there couldn't be a better guide for this than the amazing Ashlie Walker, who seems to possess astonishingly great skill in reading and communicating with human beings. Her frank and pure demeanor and willingness to show all the insecure feelings herself, too, is a strong catalyst for extraordinarily fast mental growth in a very short time as she is able to push you (gently or sternly, depending on what you need) just the right amount, but no more, therefore leaving the impression of safety in your mind. You might feel perplexed after the class, but the next day you'll realise you feel so much better than before. And that's just the beginning. I would give the workshop 10 out of 10. Considering what I've gained from the course any other number would be insanity. Everyone should go through a Meisner course with Ashlie. If you are a human being, please take that course. Give yourself a better life.
- Kaisla Puura, actor