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Class Time-table:

Saturday & Sunday
10:00 - 15:00

About The Event

This workshop is an introduction to the Alexander Technique principles which will provide skills to recognise unwanted habits and teach the process of unlearning them so that new choices in posture, movement, breathing and responses are possible.

You'll learn how to consciously redirect your whole self into a more open, present and alive state of functioning.

​The workshop will also include:
• Individual coaching, which generally includes gentle touch from the teacher
• Exploration of a dramatic text (piece of a monologue, a poem, a song etc.) which will be explored using Alexander Technique principles.

For actors (advanced and beginners), performers, directors, artists, coaches and anyone wanting to understand how movement, voice and language can be used for authentic performance (on-stage or off).

The benefits may be:
• A more reliable kinaesthetic feedback system
• More dynamic alignment, balance and coordination
• Freedom of breath and vocal clarity
• Becoming a more present and dynamic performer

• Price: 185€ incl. VAT 24%
• In case you need financial support to participate, in addition to our part-payment offerings through Jousto. Please email us for further information on:
office @
• Workshop will happen live at the studio: Pursimiehenkatu 26H, 00150 Helsinki
• Class times: 23. - 24.4.2022 / Saturday & Sunday 10:00 - 15:00
• Places are limited and will be filled on a 'first-come-first-serve' basis.
• The booking for all events and workshops is binding. You can cancel 30 days prior to the event and receive a 50% return of your payment or you can pass on your spot to another person without an extra fee.
• Teaching language is English (Please keep in mind that you do not need to have perfect English skills, and you do not need to worry about accent and pronunciation).
• All rights to changes reserved.
• The event is also found on Facebook here.

Wear soft clothing that is easy to move in. Bring a piece of a monologue, a poem, a song etc.

Tuuli is a certified Alexander Technique teacher, having graduated from The American Center for the Alexander Technique in New York (2015). Se is also a voice and speech coach with a broad knowledge of various actor voice training methods. She has been a designated Linklater Voice teacher since 2007, and an Associate Teacher of Fitzmaurice Voicework (2014). She holds a Masters degree in Speech Communication and is currently pursuing doctoral studies in Vocology (Tampere University), focusing on the effectiveness of actor-centered voice training methods. She trains acting students and actors both in Finland and internationally.

| LIVE |

Alexander Technique for Actors and Performers
with Tuuli Nilsson

Mondays, April 18 - May 16, 2022

Study Group

The actor’s main task is to respond truthfully to imaginary circumstances. Truthfulness demands presence – being alive, awake, ready to respond, and embodying the intensions and impulses of the characters.

In many cases, an actor’s own habitual patterns, developed by years of physical tension and responses to stimuli, may lessen the ability to approach a role from a place of physical and/or mental freedom. When the autonomic nervous system responds to fear or even performance anxiety, it can cause over-contracted muscles and “held” breathing. This in turn may cause unintended reactions and forced emotions.

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