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The Resilience of Art

Only recently joining the Actors Academy team, I have had the pleasure of becoming acquainted with the company at a time when there are so many shifts happening in the world around us, and I have seen how as a team, Actors Academy has worked with the change and remained positive and afloat throughout the turmoil. There is no doubt that every profession and working sector has felt the effects of the pandemic and has in some way had to adapt their modus operandus. Although, I feel as though those in the world of creativity and art have particularly felt the effects. Art takes an audience. Art takes people and bodies and the energy of many connecting in a room for it to thrive. Art may be perceived as the painting on the wall, or the story within a book, or in the emotional journey of an actor's performance, but where art really happens is at the intersection between the audience and the piece itself. Art happens in the moment that it is perceived, and the individual experience of perceiving that moment - that is where art happens, and this is what makes it so beautiful. It happens through connection - it is a joint collaboration. Yet as of late, achieving that connectivity has been more difficult, less frequent, and with that difficulty it has highlighted to us the absolutely human necessity of that connectivity - of art.

Yes, all of our livelihoods have taken unexpected turns. We all miss live events, and the undeniable magic that comes with them. But sometimes limitations also lead to creation of something new. Think of the incredible avenues of expression that have opened up in the vacancy of ‘normal’, the new unimaginable ones that will open up in the future, and the excitement of connectedness that awaits us on the other side. How exciting - the possibility of newness.

From the perspective of Actors Academy, we have been fortunate to be able to move some of our courses online, and continue to offer opportunities for growth - connecting with people from all over the globe even despite the perceived distance. And as we move towards the sixth volume launch of our One Year Training, we can hardly believe all the corners of the globe we have made connections with. We have received applications from Sweden, Estonia, Belgium, Spain, USA, India, Turkey, Japan, Czech Republic and Zimbabwe to name but a few! Thus far, the One year Training has received such wonderful actors and feedback and we are so excited for the start of the training’s forth volume in Helsinki, and the launch of our first One Year Training in Estonia. If you are curious, there is one final vacancy on the One Year Training in Helsinki which you can read more about here, or if Tallinn (which is starting in November) takes your fancy, you can check that out here.

As artists there is nothing more fulfilling than connecting with persons from all walks of life - and we are so excited to welcome you all back to the studio. We count our fortunes to be able to continue our work and our commitment to learning even within the current climate.

The resilience of people is best seen when there are limitations put in place. Whether it’s a performance in a phone booth at the Edinburgh Fringe, or an acting workshop held online - art and creativity will always find its way to expression. And this is the exact reflection I have seen in the workings of Actors Academy as a company. Regardless of the uncertainty that surrounds us as a global community, or the vast distances presented to us at this moment in time - there is an overwhelming sense of positivity, perseverance, and support created by the team at Actors Academy Finland who continue to provide a place where art is welcome, connectivity is cherished, and the creator is supported. It is a trellis for the vines of artists to grow and reach new heights, and not even a worldwide affair can shake that determination.

Yes - I am grateful to be a part of it, and to be able to learn from the positive choice of processes people (and a business) can take even within odd circumstances, and how that can influence something larger. And on behalf of the team here at Actors Academy I can say that we are grateful. For the resilience of art, and for you who have walked to our space, connected with us, and inspired us to keep doing as we do. Old friends, new, and those we have yet to meet, thank you - we couldn’t do it without you. Stay resilient, - Maeve

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