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Make your Voice your Choice

Dear fellow actor,

The beginning of the year has been an exciting one for us here at Actors Academy, and we hope that the prospects of 2021 for you yourself are full of inspiration and joy.

Our year began with a marvellous voice workshop from Finland’s own Tuuli Nilsson. With extensive experience and training in both Linklater Voice Work, and the Alexander Technique, (to name but two) Tuuli has been studying and practicing the capabilities of vocal expression both domestically and across international waters. This January Tuuli took us through an introductory workshop on the Linklater voice method. Linklater Voice Work has reached all corners of the globe and has become one of the staple practices for both professional actors, and actors in training. The method intends to remove habitual tensions and restraints that we impose upon our vocal expression, through physical exercises.

By gaining an awareness to that which limits the freedom of our voice, we are able to find release and freedom through that awareness. ‘Freeing the Natural Voice’ is the title of Linklater's workbook and is aptly named for ‘freeing the natural voice’ is exactly what the method intends to achieve.

“To free the voice is to free the person.” - Kristin Linklater

For an actor, the voice is a most vital tool - it connects the text to the performer, and the performer to the audience. It unveils nuanced emotion, reveals character, inner thoughts and intent. A voice that is not connected or not authentic, often falls flat upon a listener's ears and does little to convey a story, or connect with us as observers.

Through Tuuli’s workshop she showed us some of the exercises and tools that an actor can turn to to find that freedom of emotional expression time and time again. To find resonance, depth, and expressivity within the voice. Through breath and physical awareness and a fundamental understanding of the breathing and vocal apparatus, one can tap in to, and harness the powerful capabilities of the voice. Although this was a once off workshop with Tuuli, we are delighted to announce that she will be joining us at the Academy for a four week workshop this March - continuing to delve even deeper into the exploration of vocal expression and what it means to ‘free you natural voice’ - the essence of you - your voice, your earthly right to express. We are so grateful and fortunate here at the Academy to be able to welcome well trained and insightful coaches such as Tuuli into our facilities, and to be able to share their knowledge with you.

With many plans underway for our year ahead, Tuuli’s workshop marks one of the many exciting training possibilities we have upcoming this year. Most currently, our 4th Volume of the One Year Training will be starting next month, so if you know a loved one who may want to avail of our most extensive training, send them this link and let them be inspired. And if you are one of our already confirmed students, we are so excited to welcome you warmly to our studio. If you are interested in reading more about Tuuli’s upcoming four week workshop with us ‘Freeing your Natural Voice’, and for more details on what the Linklater Voice method will cover, please see here for details.

Stay inspired,

- Maeve

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