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Your Mind Is Powerful

We are all conditioned to believe our minds as the ultimate truth, a mirror of the reality. True freedom steps in our lives the moment we are able to separate ourselves from our mind and its enless stories (both conscious and subconscious), usually the same old and repeating ones, and start to question them. Without us noticing, our stories are often quite limiting and negative about ourself, others and the world.

Not an easy one to crack, but so worth the attention and work. It isn’t one moment, one realization, but countless moments where we can start to learn how our mind and body takes over with the same repeating patterns and vibration, pausing and questioning and bringing a wider perspective to the situation. Ask questions like: Why? Why not? Is it true? What is the worst that could happen? What is the best that could happen? Am I really sure? How can I be sure? If I wasn’t afraid what would I do? If I loved and accepted myself fully, how would I see this situation? What would Love think, do or say?

Why do the work? Well the choice as well as your life is fully yours to choose. But believe it or not, your life is created through your mind:

Limited mind = limited life, possibilities and resources

Expanded mind = expanded life, possibilities and resources

Simple. - by Nita

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