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ONLINE: Casting Technique

 Workshop With Gary Condés

Thursdays 11.3. - 1.4.2021 

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Don't miss the chance to participate in fantastic online workshops with UK's sought-after acting coach Gary Condés. 

“You’re not going there to get a job, but to do a job, present what you do.

You act.”

- Gary

Class timetable:


     Thursday 11th March 14:00 - 16:00

     Thursday 18th March 14:00 - 16:00

     Thursday 25nd March 14:00 - 16:00

     Thursday 1st April 14:00 - 16:00

Finnish Time (GMT +2)

About The Event

This is a four-week online workshop happening via live Zoom sessions once a week.

Through a combination of ‘Scene Study’,'Virtual Auditions' & 'Self-Tapes', you will experience what it takes to be fully prepared, committed and confident for every casting.

There are only eight places available on the course in order to maximise practical experience. The course will be taught in English, so a good conversational ability in English will be necessary.



  • Scene Analysis - how to break down a scene and bring it life.

  • Casting Preparation - what and how to prepare for a casting

  • The Art Self-Taping - what makes a good self-tape

  • Creating The Right Mind-Set - the brutal reality and how to take control




Class OneScene Analysis. The essential elements to break down a scene. 


Class Two & Three: You will be prepare two ‘Virtual Auditions’, and then     implement the notes and direction given in class into a‘Self-Tape’ between classes. So you get to prepare and work on two scenes two times.


Class Four: A question and answer wrap-up session to clarify and consolidate the work we have covered.


As a follow-on to class two & three, you will be required to implement the notes and direction given to you in class as part of your ‘Virtual Audition’onto a‘Self-Tape’. The ‘Self-Tape’ will then be uploaded onto a private Facebook Group where you will receive final comments and feedback.


For actors (both professional and beginners), directors, writers and producers. 


  • You will learn to create more depth and range in your work, so that you always give your best and most expressive performance at castings.

  •  You will understand what it means to make bold, interesting choices so that you are able to bring a character to life with meaningful behaviour.

  • You will discover how to translate a scene into an ‘in-front of camera reality’ for both ‘In-Person’ &‘Self-Tape’ castings.


  • Price: 265€ incl. VAT 24%

  • ​Class times: 2 - 4pm on Thursdays 11.3.-1.4.

  • Workshop will happen online via Zoom

  • Place is limited and will be filled on a 'first-come-first-serve' basis.

  • Teaching language is English (Please keep in mind that you do not need to have perfect English skills)

  • All rights to changes reserved.

  • You can also find the event on Facebook here.



Gary Condés has 30 years of extensive experience as a professional actor. Having worked in Mainstream, Independent and Low Budget Films, TV Dramas and Soaps, West End, Off-West End, Repertory and Touring Theatre, he knows what it takes to be a professional working actor. His career highlights include working alongside: Sam Rockwell (Moon), Helena Bonham Carter (Wings Of The Dove), Colin Firth (Fever Pitch), Ray Winstone (Five Seconds To Spare).
Gary has been teaching and coaching for 15 years now.
Actors who have trained with him or currently coaching with him include: Stacy Martin (Lars Von Trier's Nymphomaniac), Ed Speleers (Outlander), Cavan Clerkin (The Capture), Freddie Fox (White House Farm), Fola Evans-Akingbola (Game Of Thrones), Benedict Wong (Dr. Strange). 
The last 5 years have seen him move into directing Theatre & Film; with plays running in London’s West End & Off-West End Theatres, twice being nominated for ‘Best Director’ at the Off-West End Theatre Awards. He has written and directed several short films, which have won a number of awards at International film festivals in London, Los Angeles, Berlin and Barcelona. 

His work is deeply rooted in the principles and techniques pioneered by  Sanford Meisner, but is also very much inspired by selective practices developed by Stella Adler and Mike Alfreds. Standing on the shoulders of these giants, he has developed a way to train actors to work from the personal passions of the heart and guts, to create acting that is alive and kicking, totally committed & fully behavioural. Characterisations full of meaningful behaviour is always the goal.


“The actor’s job is to get the audience out of their heads and into their hearts and keep them there.” - Gary Condés




“I owe a lot to Gary, his training has instilled in me a fearless attitude towards my
work that ultimately led me to landing my first lead role in Lars Von Triers
‘Nymphomaniac’. I am very certain that this would not have happened without his
training and then his dynamic coaching. He has taught me acting as a real craft,
enabling me to go straight to the core of a scene and explore characters beyond
my intellectual capability and understanding.”
- STACY MARTIN (Nymphomaniac - Lars Von Trier, All The Money In The World - Ridley Scott, Vox Lux - Brady Corbet)

“Gary’s ability to get to the core of any scene and provide a concise, clear and true way to approach acting has been a revelation to me. I was booking work but often lacked technique and consistency. He immediately stripped everything back and started laying foundations in my work that had never been there. I now go to him with every new role I take on and we build a character from the bottom up. He is brilliant to work with and like any great coach he inspires, always digs out the truth and isn’t afraid to push me to the limit and for that I hold him in the highest regard.”

(Outlander - Sony Pictures, The House That Jack Built - Lars Von Trier, Downton Abbey - ITV)


“Gary is one of the few authentic acting teachers out there and is definitely one of a kind. Never have I worked on the craft so deeply and precisely. He has an amazing capacity to see what you need and to pinpoint that precise thing that will make you better. Every actor should do his course. I want to do it again."
- BART SOROCZYNSKI (Fantastic Beasts II - Warner Bros, The Merry Wives Of Windsor - RSC, La Strada - UK Tour)


“Always teaching from the heart, Gary inspires you to fearlessly expand your imagination and to be truly alive in your work. He is firm, but always fair and has the ability to see the uniqueness in every actor. An immensely generous spirit, who

pushes you to dig deep and find not only the truth in your character, but the truth in yourself. I feel extremely lucky to have been coached by Gary, he has helped me to develop hugely as an actress.”
- CRESSIDA BONAS (Tulip Fever - Paramount Pictures, The Bye Bye Man - STX Ents, Doctor Thorne - Amazon)


“Gary is a fantastic coach. His understanding of craft and finding what’s right for

each character is second to none. What I love about his work is it’s totally groun-
ded in the truth and reality of the script. No flab, no vague choices, just boiling

down to the meat, the true essence. His work goes to the guts. If you want to be a
‘real actor’ talk to Gary, you won’t regret it.”
- LAURA GREENWOOD (Prime Suspect VII - ITV, V For Vendetta - Warner Bros, Brothers Grimm - Miramax)


“Gary’s sensitivity and rigour pushes me to find my way into parts; encouraging me to explore and personalise every aspect of the role. Every time I work with Gary, I come out with the confidence to go on set, or into an audition, fully prepared, open and excited about the work. Looking for a great acting coach? Gary’s your man.”
- FOLA EVANS-AKINGBOLA (Game Of Thrones - HBO, Siren - Disney TV, VS - BBC1 Films)


“The best class to get your acting into shape in London. Anyone with the chance to work on acting with Gary should take it. A compassionate, no bullshit, teacher and coach. One of the best out there.”
- BRIAN CASPE (Legends - Fox US, Mission Impossible 4 - Paramount, The Illusionist - Warner Bros)


“Training with Gary is one of the best things ever happened to me. His skill for the
craft of acting together with his energy and sensitivity are very inspiring. He has
brought out the best in me and since training with him I have landed roles in two
Feature Films which have premiered at Cannes Film Festival.”
- ANNA CSEH (Outlander - Sony Pictures, Youth - Paolo Sorrentino, Genezis - Focus Fox Studios)


“Gary is an immensely talented and dedicated teacher. He knows exactly how to
identify the areas that need attention so that you get to perform at your best. He is
very easy to work with and his approach is extremely practical easily applied and
gets active results.”
- CHRISTOPHER GOH (The Romanoffs - Netflix TV, Hunter Killer - Millennium Films, Strike Back - Sky1)


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