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LIVE: Intuitive Improvisation workshop
with Julia Petäjä

March 7 - April 4, 2022

Helsinki, Finland


This workshop will show how involvement and going towards the uncertain can enhance creativity. Emphasis is on discovering instead of inventing – exploring the unconscious mind, free association and imagination. Exercises will develop trust in self, group and the process. Curiosity and playfulness will have more room and students will learn how to read their instincts and activate creativity on and off stage.

Class Timetable


Mondays between March 7th and April 4th

18:00 - 20:30
(no class 21.3.)

About The Event

Improvised theatre is an art form where everything is created on the spot by the players on stage. This workshop will focus on how to tune in to both individual and group intuition while improvising. Students get a chance to explore in a safe place what will happen when they give up on fear of making mistakes and let go of excessive control. At best the group will attain an experience of collective subconscious, intuitive group mind.



For anyone wanting to learn about improvisation, learn creative freedom, or simply have fun and make connections in a creative environment. For actors and non-actors. Anyone wanting to understand their emotional life and the authentic human connections deeper. Also great for actors, directors, writers and artists. 


Through this workshop you will:

• learn to express and be yourself more freely and bravely
• learn how to tune in to intuition and trust instincts
• strengthen the ability to listen deeply and be present
•  learn to give value to the initiations and be impressed by the surroundings
• strengthen your capacity to support and correspond to the counter actors
• learn to accept and build from other people’s ideas
• learn to welcome the unexpected and caress the unknown
• create more freedom to be present and live in the moment
• strengthen your self-confidence and connection to your intuition
• deepen your emotional expression and understanding
• develop your communication and relationship skills
• find healthy and organic ways to let go of fear and feel more relaxed and confident in any types of performances
• strengthen your sensitivity and awareness of the other person's emotional life and expression

You do not need any previous experience, the course is open to anyone.



• Price: 265€ incl. VAT 24%

• Time & Date: Mondays 7.3. - 4.4.2022 / 18:00 - 20:30 (no class 21.3.)
• Location: Actors Academy Finland, Pursimiehenkatu 26H, Helsinki

• Place is limited and will be filled on 'first-come first-serve basis'.

• The booking for all events and workshops is binding. You can cancel 30 days prior the event and receive a 50% return of your payment or you can pass on your spot to another person without an extra fee.

• Teaching language is English (Please keep in mind that you do not need to have perfect English skills, and you do not need to worry about accent and pronunciation).

• All rights to changes reserved.

• You can find the event on Facebook in this link here.



Julia Petäjä has been involved in improvisational theatre for over 11 years and has performed in seven different countries. She has studied improvisation at the iO Chicago as well as under the directing of many legends in the field. At the moment Julia is part of three performing improv collectives: Noisy Caramel, Happenstance and duo Kaisa & Julia. As an actor and teacher she is especially keen on developing personal ways to utilise un-conscious mind intentionally on stage.


“Julia brought out the theory base nicely and without shame. She created with her positive and accepting nature the security to throw yourself into new. I was also able to fully trust that she has internalised her values and the things she wants to pass on to others. Everyone was equally allowed to have a voice and express their thoughts.”


“Julia created a gentle and accepting atmosphere where one is allowed to be insecure and wonder.”


“Expertise without showing off! Joy, positivity, sensitivity, listening and presence.”

“Julia is incredibly approachable by her own being, at the same time so calm and yet thrown to the fullest. Her knowledge base in this course was broad, and used to bring it to a practical level very naturally. Julia takes everyone into account with a big heart.”

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