Authentic Me

workshop with Nita Arpiainen

Saturday 28.9.  

Helsinki, Finland

How would it feel like to have the permission to be fully humane and wholesome? How would it feel like to have be fully seen and heard as your true self without masks?

Saturday: 10:00 - 16:00

About The Event

Throughout our lives, ever since childhood we have learnt - consciously or not - to close ourselves up from our natural impulses and to turn our backs on our emotions and senses. This workshop helps you to dive into yourself, especially into your emotional life and their empowering spectrum, through Meisner acting technique alongside with other tools. In a variety of group and partner exercises we will learn to understand and express ourselves, to be completely present to others as our true selves.



Anyone wanting to understand their emotional life and the authentic human connections deeper.

Through this workshop you will:

• learn to express and be yourself more freely and bravely

• create more freedom to be present and live in the moment

• strengthen your self-confidence and connection to your intuition

• develop your your communication and relationship skills

• learn to feel more relaxed and confident in any types of performances or presentations

• enhance your capacity to drop down masks and live in your authenticity

• strengthen your capacity to really listen and connect with another

• deepen your emotional expression and understanding

• strengthen your sensitivity and awareness of the other person's emotional life and expression


You do not need any previous experience, the course is open to anyone.


• Price: 80€ 
• Location: Actors Academy Finland, Pursimiehenkatu 26H, Helsinki

• Place is limited and will be filled on 'first-come first-serve basis'.

• The booking for all events and workshops is binding. You can cancel 30 days prior the event and receive a 50% return of your payment or you can pass on your spot to another person without an extra fee.

• Teaching language is English and/or Finnish if all participants speak Finnish (Please keep in mind that you do not need to have perfect English skills, and you do not need to worry about accent and pronunciation).

• All rights to changes reserved.

• You can find the event on Facebook in this link here.



Nita Arpiainen is an actor, a holistic coach and the founder of Actors Academy Finland. In her previous career she has also worked as a TV presenter and producer. 

Nita's deep passion and curiosity for acting, learning and personal growth is the underlying motivation for AAF to come alive. The vision for AAF was formed while Nita attended numerous acting schools and workshops in London at the Actors Studio, Giles Forman Acting Studio, City Academy and the Actors Temple to name a few, ultimately falling profoundly in love with the Meisner Technique, and it making a powerful and lasting impact on the way she viewed acting.

AAF has put together the One Year Actors Training as the optimal training course. It combines the expertise Nita has gathered on the subject around the world and eager to share it with her fellow actors.