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Movement workshop
with Maria Ga´tsal

October 24-25, 2022

Helsinki, Finland

Female Dancer

Would you like to learn to understand your body and its intuitive information and guidance?

This Movement Workshop is a two days journey towards understanding our bodies at a deeper level than we usually do. The workshop is inspired by Jacques Lecoq, the great mime artist. The workshop aims to help us to discover all the information our body has - and how to use it for emotional preparation, as Lecoq himself declared, the body knows things which the mind is ignorant of.

Monday       17:30 - 20:30

Tuesday        17:30 - 20:30

About The Event

Through varied movement exercises and working with different levels of tension and gestures, one can start to open up to the reality that the most important tool in storytelling is our bodies, including one's face, which is often forgotten. Jacques Lecoq was one of the greatest mime artists, as well as a respected acting and movement teacher born in Paris.

This workshop is suitable for anyone wanting to learn about how to use movement as a tool to deepen our communication skills and our ability to listen to our bodies, as well as being able to tell stories without needing words. It is important to understand that communication starts with our bodies, how we learn and have a dialogue through gestures and physical activity. It is primal for an actor's work, especially when building a character. However, this understanding is helpful for all people interested in researching movement as a tool for connecting with what our body carries beyond physicality. 



  •  Learn new ways to communicate and move in your body

  •  Gain confidence to trust your instincts

  •  Connect with your body and your emotions

  •  Learn to understand your movement gestures

  •  Connect to your authentic creative flow

  •  Learn to transit with ease from one emotion to another

  •  Learn new ways to line-learning and improving your memory


  • Time: Monday 24th & Tuesday 25th October / 17:30-20:30.

  • Price: 95€ incl. VAT 24%

  • Location: Actors Academy Studio Pursimiehenkatu 26H, Helsinki.

  • Teaching language is English (Please keep in mind that you do not need to have perfect English skills, and you do not need to worry about accent and pronunciation).

  • No previous experience needed, the course is open to anyone.



Maria Ga'tsal is an acting, dancer, and movement instructor, as well as a artist herself. She graduated from her bachelor's degree in acting in 2016 and has been active on stage and behind cameras since then. In dance and movement Maria received guidance from different teachers and artists, which has given her a multidisciplinary approach in the dance floor, theater, and when exploring movement. As a dancer, Maria's repertoire consists of different variations of movements rooted in the Urban, Gaga, and other dance styles such as contemporary and Jazz.


"A very thoughtful and caring person with a sweet and loving personality. Always encouraging the students without losing track of what's important. It was a great experience to work with her." - Fran

"I like how you approach acting through exploring and understanding movement, it was new to me." - Lisa

"It was a pleasure working with you Maria in an improvisation-based practice, with movement, voice and group work. I appreciate you sharing your vulnerability and the emotions we are trained in society to hide, of sadness, with us, including on the performance day, with the reading you did. Thank you for being a unique expression of life!" - Jenine

"Thank you for the amazing year! I learned a lot and really enjoyed working with you."
- Janne

"Maria disarms you on stage. It's a box full of surprises." - Sven

Jacques Lecoq was a French stage actor and acting movement coach. He was best known for his teaching methods in physical theatre, movement, and mime which he taught at the school he founded in Paris known as École internationale de théâtre Jacques Lecoq. Mr. Lecoq did not admire French mime trends of his time, believing, he said, that it was important to move ''toward open mime and not toward the mime which is enclosed in its own silence.'' He trained his students with strenuous physical and emotional exercises, which ranged from acrobatics to clowning. Struggling to make their classmates laugh, students learned to be funny from within themselves. Wearing masks, they learned how body movements could turn facial blankness into expression.

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