Voice & Movement
Online Workshops with Ben Joiner

21.5. - 18.6.2020

This five-week online workshop guided by voice and movement coach Ben Joiner is a great opportunity to really “get in touch” with your somatic self and discover more freedom and spontaneity in the way that you act, move and speak.

This workshop is open for everyone and fits all levels of actors, speakers and performers. It draws heavily on Ben's qualification as a designated teacher of Kristin Linklater's voice method and other somatic practices. It aims to focus on the removal of the psychological and physical blocks that inhibit the human instrument. 


Finnish Time (EEST/GMT +3) 

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About The Event

This five-week (10h) workshop encourages authenticity, emotional freedom, and personal expression through a focus on movement, breath, voice, language and text.
Each week during online zoom sessions, we will look at creating the conditions for flexible and exciting performances both on stage and off through the integration of movement, voice and authentic behavior. We will explore the nature of embodiment and allow your whole self to be present in your experience.

This gained awareness and capacity can then be used as a creative pathway into character, accessing a richer and more colorful voice or even just to enjoy the feeling of being more ‘at home’ in yourself as you communicate. 
Along the way we will look at how emotion is intrinsically physical. We are either revealing it or disguising it through our bodies. By looking at the way we respond physically, we are also looking at the we way sense and perceive our environment. Sometimes even the memory of an experience can fade but we are still bound by the physical behaviour that was learnt at the time. Can we free ourselves from a singular habitual response to something and create more options for ourselves so we can be more creative and expressive? 

"The individual voice is a powerful thing. Finding yours is a necessity - both as an actor as an artist, as well as a human being."

- Ben Joiner


This workshop is open to anyone. It has been specifically designed to include the curiosity of actors, public speakers and people interested in the way we behave, learn and communicate! 


Through this workshop you will:

  • deepen your capacity to really understand yourself

  • develop a sensory and personal relationship with your body, breath and voice

  • reveal more nuance and depth of feeling through the resonance and range of your voice

  • find more clarity when speaking

  • strengthen your instincts and capacity to respond to emotional impulse

  • Improve your sensitivity to others while listening

  • find healthy and organic ways to let go of misplaced effort and tension 

  • find physical ease and release whilst speaking in high stakes situations

  • as a performer/director get highly applicable tools and approaches on how to help actors connect with tex



• Price: 155€  

• Workshop will happen online via Zoom

• Places are limited and will be filled on a 'first-come-first-serve' basis.

• The booking for all events and workshops is binding. You can cancel 30 days prior to the event and receive a 50% return of your payment or you can pass on your spot to another person without an extra fee.

• Teaching language is English (Please keep in mind that you do not need to have perfect English skills, and you do not need to worry about accent and pronunciation).

• All rights to changes reserved.

If you are living in a shared environment, where you have to respect the needs of others in terms of peace and quiet, you do not need to make a lot of noise throughout this workshop! We will be looking at aspects of voice but more from how the body interferes with its natural potency. We will not be ‘training the voice’ as such. Also you do not need to spend two hours in front of a screen to do these classes! The sessions will open with some discussion but quite often you will be sitting, lying away from the screen and following suggestions.

You will need to learn a short poem or monologue in any language that you choose. No more than 1 or 2 minutes. This is not for performance but to play with as the course progresses. Make sure you have some space to lie down and move your arms a little to the side. Wear soft clothing that is easy to move in. Please bring a blanket or a mat to make lying more comfortable. 



Session 1 

How can we create sensory awareness around something and integrate that with our lives? We will explore through a gentle movement practice how to have a deeper sense of ourselves through movement. By paying attention to our somatic experience we will notice what change and new experience feels like.

Session 2 

We will start to examine what tension really is, how to examine it, be kinder to

it and start to allow our bones to be part of our movement ‘picture’ to relieve unnecessary effort. By allowing our skeleton to support us more we may find balance and alignment more enjoyable, breathing easier, and a greater sense of physical presence.


Session 3 

Breath as an indicator of our emotional state. We will look at areas that inhibit the freedom of our breath and help us discover more awareness in this area. It’s an often overlooked fact that when we breathe the whole self is involved. As an actor, breathing is obviously useful when it is free, responsive and connected to emotional impulse.


Session 4 

Good Vibrations! Do you judge your voice? Do you judge others? Do you feel that your voice is different when you hear it back on a recording compared to when you speak? 

This class explores the sensation of our voice as a tactile experience. By paying attention to this experience we can find ways to discover untapped energies and colors that can emerge in the resonance of our voice. 


Session 5
We will look at embodying language. Quite often when we speak our language can become quite transactional and while speaking we describe what we are feeling but we don’t reveal it. When we think of speech we think of ‘correct’ speech or elocution. The imagery, energy and potential anarchy of language get lost under layers of intellectual cognition. As performers and communicators, it’s critical that we re-align the mind-body connection and use language that is in direct contact with emotional authenticity, shaped by the intellect but not inhibited by it. 



Ben is a voice and movement coach who works with individuals, groups and institutions globally. He originally trained as a dancer in the early nineties, touring internationally with various modern dance companies before retraining as an actor in 2000. He then worked extensively in theatre, film and television before retraining as a voice coach. He now coaches on the MA in Voice Studies at The Royal Central School of Speech of Drama, London…and is one of approximately 200 vocal coaches worldwide trained by Kristin Linklater to teach her method Freeing the Natural Voice. Since 2010, he has been coaching at The Oxford School of Drama, Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts, Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance, Arts Educational Schools and the Actor’s Temple. He has coached for many theatre companies, independent groups and has a regular list of individual clients both artistic and corporate. He is currently completing a four-year accreditation to be a Feldenkrais practitioner.



"It was a great pleasure working with Ben. He had such a gentle but professional approach to voice training through movement. Through Ben’s training, I found - and started to release - huge tensions that have been blocking my voice as an actress. I will definitely continue working with Ben in the future as well."

- Johanna Ruonala, Actor

"I really enjoyed our weekend workshop with Ben Joiner. As a classically trained singer, I especially enjoyed the exploration of more primal sounds and how releasing a sound - totally uncontrolled - feels like. It was quite liberating and helped me to connect more with my body and my emotions. We also looked at how an open and receiving body looks and feels like in acting. The exercises for releasing the body through movement and awareness without judgment were just what I needed as well. Ben was an inspiring teacher with a very conscious and compassionate way of teaching, and I would definitely recommend his workshop for anyone wanting to explore their voices, or looking for ways to release tension in the body or for just more freedom of expression."

- Emma, Actor & Singer

"Ben is a brilliant teacher! He’s a genius at what he does and was able to create a supporting and safe learning environment by being a teacher as well as ”a peer” at the same time. He listened to the students’ needs and concerns and allowed for any feelings to arise. I would recommend this workshop for everyone and anyone interested in learning about their voice and how to use it well.

- Anna Tavaila, Actor