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Meisner Technique Intro Workshop
with Nita Arpiainen

June 3rd, 2023

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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This workshop guides you gently but powerfully into the fascinating world of the Meisner Technique, authentic being, listening and expressing. It will deeply support your ability to connect with both yourself as well as others, and help you to access and express your truthful impulses and feelings. The workshop suits beginners and all levels of Meisner students or anyone wanting to learn to more authentically connect with others and their emotional life, as well as feeling overall more aligned and at peace as themselves. See also the two day workshop in Amsterdam for anyone who knows the intro here.

This workshop is also great for anyone considering to apply to the
 One Year Training starting in Amsterdam in September 2023 and hoping to get a feel of the Meisner Technique prior applying.

Saturday: 10:00 - 16:00

About The Event

How would it feel to have the permission to be fully humane and wholesome? To feel free and embodied in your own skin? How would it feel to be fully seen and heard as your true self without masks? How would it feel to not fear confrontation or vulnerable connection with another?

This one day workshop helps you to access and express your truthful feelings based on your partners behaviour, through exploration of the famous 'Repetition Exercise'. The workshop suits beginners and all levels of Meisner students, as well as anyone wanting to learn to connect more authentically with others, their self and their truthful emotional impulses.

Ever since childhood and throughout our lives we've learnt to close ourselves from our natural impulses, senses and emotions. This workshop helps you to dive back into your true self, especially into your emotional life and its empowering spectrum by the tools of the Meisner Technique. We will learn how to truthfully express our being, honestly listen to one-another, and to be powerfully present.

The capacity for emotional intelligence and presence is an essential skill
, not only as a tool for acting and performing, but in all types of expressions, interactions, and relationships - whether professional or personal.


Price: 155€

Time: Saturday 3.6.2023  /  10:00 - 16:00
Location: TBA, Central 


For actors, directors, writers, artists, and over all any curious human beings, and anyone wanting to enhance their capacity to be present, understand their emotional life and the authentic human connections deeper.

Through this workshop you will:

  • Create more freedom to be fully present and live in the moment as your true self

  • Strengthen your capacity to really listen and connect with another

  • Deepen your emotional expression and awareness

  • Find healthy and organic ways to let go of fear and feel more relaxed and confident in any types of situations or the performing platform

  • Strengthen your self-confidence and intuition, and your capacity to drop down masks and step into your authenticity

  • Develop your communication and relationship skills

  • As a coach or director etc., find highly applicable approaches to guide others towards their genuine emotional life and expression

You do not need any previous experience, the course is open for everyone anyone.
Teaching language is English but please keep in mind that you do not need to have perfect English skills, and you do not need to worry about accent and pronunciation.





Nita Arpiainen is an acting coach, actor and a holistic coach and the founder of Actors Academy Finland. In her previous career she has also worked as a TV presenter, producer, life, and holistic coach.Nita's deep passion and curiosity for acting, learning and personal growth is the underlying motivation for AAF to come alive. The vision for AAF was formed while Nita attended numerous acting schools and workshops in London at the Actors Studio, Giles Forman Acting Studio, City Academy and the Actors Temple to name a few, ultimately falling profoundly in love with the Meisner Technique, after it having made a powerful and lasting impact on the way she viewed not just acting, but life and relationships as well. Her first studies and the journey into the world of the wonderful and forever-inspiring world of Meisner Technique started in 2015, and she has been lucky to have worked and learned with many great international teachers along the years.


"Having worked with many acting coaches and within different establishments before coming to Actors Academy, I cannot but praise the atmosphere of safety and growth Nita has created here. Often the necessity of trust within the space and between you and your coach is underestimated, but here it is at the core of everything. This to me, is what makes the difference. At AAF and with Nita you don't just learn useful tools as an actor, you learn to harness the full potential of you. And you do this knowing you are safe to take either small steps or huge leaps on your way, knowing she's got you if you can't seem to find where to land. In addition you are encouraged to find your joy within all this, find your why. I for sure found both. I have grown immensely as an actor, and as a human here and would highly recommend it for everyone."

- Suvi (Actor and Improv Coach)

"This two day Meisner technique workshop with Nita was way more eye opening - or I should say heart opening - than what I had thought it would be. I only have a glimpse of the repetition method now but I already feel like I opened up as an actress - and more - also as a person. After the first day I wrote down things I realized about authentic acting through this method and after the second day I wrote about three pages about everything I learnt about my feelings and my relationships through this method.  Now I want to do more Meisner to become a better actress. Thank you for the course Nita!"
- Iiris (Actor)

"Nita was a very patient, compassionate coach. The workshop was intensive and challenged everyone to be brave and open to the unknown depth and dynamics of our rich inner life. Nita made sure that we felt safe and supported in doing so.  What I find most useful and important in the Meisner training is its focus on the other. By being utterly present with the other, I can be free to feel the emotions that arise from the circumstances,  authentic feelings, not manufactured in my head. I think this sense of inner liberation in authentic human connection is something anyone can benefit from, not just actors."
- Yuko (Actor)



The Meisner technique is an approach to acting which was developed by the American theatre practitioner Sanford Meisner. The focus of the Meisner approach is for the actor to "get out of their head", such that the actor is behaving instinctively to the surrounding environment. To this end, some exercises for the Meisner technique are rooted in repetition so that the words are deemed insignificant compared to the underlying emotion. In the Meisner technique, there is a greater focus on the other actor as opposed to one's internal thoughts or feelings associated to the character.

Meisner Training is an interdependent series of training exercises that build on one another. The more complex work supports a command of dramatic text. Students work on a series of progressively complex exercises to develop an ability to first improvise, then to access an emotional life, and finally to bring the spontaneity of improvisation and the richness of personal response to textual work. The techniques developed the behavioural strand of Stanislavski's. The technique is used to develop improvisation skills as well as "interpreting a script, and creating the specific physical characteristics of each character the actor played”.

Sanford Meisner said that his approach to training “is based on bringing the actor back to his emotional impulses and to acting that is firmly rooted in the instinctive. It is based on the fact that all good acting comes from the heart, as it were, and that there’s no mentality to it.”

Learn to live in the moment as an actor, and let go of any idea of result. Learn what it means to really “do” and to respond truthfully to a given moment based on what you get from your partner. Through improvisation, emotional truth and personal response learn to resonate authenticity within a given circumstance. Only in this way will you begin to understand the definition of real acting, which is “to live truthfully under the imaginary circumstances”.

“If you want to reach every person in the audience, it's not about being bigger, it's about going deeper.” - Sanford Meisner 




  • Places limited and will be filled on 'first-come first-serve basis'.

  • The booking for all events and workshops is binding. You can cancel 30 days prior the event and receive a 50% return of your payment or you can pass on your spot to another person without an extra fee.

  • All rights to changes reserved.

  • You can find the event on Facebook here.

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